Roshni & Sagar - August 11, 12 & 13 - Lakeway Resort & Spa, Hilton Airport Hotel, Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin

Cheryl is amazing!!! We had a destination wedding in Austin, TX and came to the city knowing absolutely nothing about what it had to offer, except that the views were gorgeous. Cheryl has connections with great vendors in the past and gave us good recommendations on who we should consider working with for each event given the details of what we were expecting (different types of food, decorations, etc.). This also meant she was able to get us good deals with these vendors as well as negotiate prices. She was very organized and set up Google docs for me to review and update often to make sure we were on schedule and had a good understanding of what to expect on the days of the events. She was always available and ready to help. We were e-mailing and texting Cheryl several times weekly and she was always willing to help us out. When we got closer to the wedding, she also set up phone meetings every 2 days to make sure everything was on track for last minute details. My parents and I were especially amazed at how much we were able to get done during our 2 day trips to Austin. We simply let Cheryl know when we wanted to come down and she arranged all meetings with the vendors and kept everything on time. We always left with a sense of accomplishment without feeling overwhelmed. We had several friends and family members tell us how organized and on schedule everything was during the wedding weekend. She even made sure all bills were finalized after the events and offered to pick up things that were left at venues for us. Overall, Cheryl was a lifesaver and helped us flawlessly plan a destination wedding in 6 months. I HIGHLY recommend her and her team.

Shilpa & Sean - May 27 & 28, 2017 - Vistas on Seaward Hill, Austin; Lakeway Resort & Spa, Austin

We had our dream wedding thanks to Cheryl and her team! We got married in May 2017 in Austin Texas and as soon as we met with Cheryl, we knew she would be a perfect fit to plan our wedding. My fiance and I both lived in Houston and our families were not from Texas so this made the planning processes difficult until we met Cheryl. Initially I thought we wouldn't need a planner because we were keeping our wedding on the smaller side, but after a couple of months of vendor shopping, I realized we could not plan a destination Indian wedding without the help of an expert, especially with us not being in town. Cheryl actually ended up saving us more than her fee! She was able to negotiate contracts and find the best vendors and deals due to her connections in the area. As the wedding date got closer she was crucial in finding last minute vendors, getting everything organized and keeping us on track. Our actual wedding weekend ran so smoothly all thanks Cheryl and Rohit. They were so great at keeping everything organized and on time. I later found out that there were little things that didn't go exactly as I had planned (due to weather or vendors) but my family and I didn't have to deal with any of these things because Cheryl had taken care of them. My parents were fully able to relax and enjoy the wedding- which was priceless to them. If you are thinking about getting a planner- DO IT! And go with Glitzzy Events! We ended up saving more money and priceless time and energy by having Cheryl plan our wedding. It was a stress free beautiful weekend and my HUSBAND and I couldn't have been happier.

Swati & Sunny - March 6, 7 & 8, 2017- Lakeway Resort & Spa, Austin; Villa Antonia, Austin

Cheryl was fantastic to work with. We planned a destination Indian wedding in Austin, and as soon as we met with her and decided to work with her, Cheryl put us at ease. She was very responsive, organized, and fun to work with. She made sure that we were both happy with the decisions we were making, and also worked with us to come up with solutions for any problems as they came up. She and her husband were also a fantastic help especially on the day of the wedding, and helped us pull off a wedding ceremony at one venue and a reception at another venue about 40 mins away without a hitch. We are both so happy that Cheryl made our dream wedding happen, and wholeheartedly recommend her to others planning their wedding in the Austin area.

Bhavin & Shweta - November 19th, 2016 - Prospect House, Dripping Springs

Cheryl at Glitzzy Events was amazing in helping us plan our wedding in a short six month period! Not being local to Austin myself, Cheryl's long experience with planning events, particularly South Asian weddings in Austin was invaluable to our families. 
Both Cheryl and Rohit's willingness and patience in understanding our vision for the event, creating and managing a detailed timeline, recommending/ sourcing new vendors and even starting a catering service that would meet our requirements was more than what we could have wished for. This passionate and wholehearted team made our dream wedding come true! We were able to enjoy our big day with all our guests completely stress free! Thank you so much!

Sai & Bob - April 1st, 2017 - Mehndi & Wedding - Wimberly Community Center & Rancho Mirando, Fischer Texas

Cheryl and her team helped us pull off an Indian fusion wedding and henna ceremony/pre-wedding party a month ago in Texas Hill Country. Cheryl patiently and diligently worked with us for a year, finding vendors and negotiating with them and also negotiating between the sometimes-competing desires of the bride/groom/parents/budget. She did a fantastic job with that, but I think we didn't even really appreciate her value until the events took place. Cheryl pulled together everything flawlessly, and we as well as our guests were awed by how beautiful both days were. And she was cheerful the entire time, despite having to manage stress coming at her from all directions. We are very very glad that Cheryl was a part of our wedding.

Nisha & Samip - 12/15 & 12/16 2016 - Casablanca on Brushy Creek

Words cannot express how amazing Cheryl was in planning our dream wedding. We found out quickly that Cheryl's experience and talent with weddings and events was exceptional and we wanted her to be a part of our big day. She is wonderful to work with and you can see and feel her passion in what she does. She helped us with creating a vendor list, budget, timeline, guest list, etc and it was very well managed. And she will also make sure you are on top of it! I will always remember the late phone calls that would last hours, meetings at the venue, and all the fun we had while planning our events. She went above and beyond to make sure our day was special and she made our vision come to life. Moreover, her husband Rohit was there in on the action to help and make sure everything ran smoothly. We found out later that during the sangeet we had run out of beer and wine. Rohit went to a nearby grocery store to get more and then made a second trip back to get limes for the beer! We were just in awe - Cheryl and Rohit are a great team and they truly care for you and take care of you. We were able to enjoy our events stress free and our guests enjoyed every minute of it. Many of our guests complimented us on the flow of events and were so impressed with how everything ran. Cheryl and her team made that happen and we couldn't have been happier. We highly recommend Cheryl for any event planning you need!

Thank you Cheryl for making our dream wedding come true and making it such a memorable one!

Neal & Heidi - 11/7/2014 & 11/8/2014 - Villa Antonia & Villa Delago

Cheryl is the best wedding planner we could have possibly asked for! We asked a lot of her and she delivered throughout the entire process. We actually had an Indian and an American wedding so planning for both of these was quite the task. We had really high expectations as any couple probably does and we definitely could not have gotten through this without her support and guidance. One of the best things about her is her attitude. It is very obvious, she really cares about her clients and tries her hardest to accommodate even the hardest requests. She can do it all and she does it with a smile. You'll never have those nightmare moments you see on the movies where everything is a cluster and everyone is arguing. She made our lives and our special day a breeze. We were all at peace and content. She's extremely hard working, detail oriented, organized and her passion radiates through her work. She will make you feel at ease during those tough decisions every couple faces when planning their big day. 

I really can't say enough about her. She's such a delight to work with! By the end of all of this, she had really become part of the family. 


Karthik & Noemi Venkatraj - July 2nd, 2016 - Hilton College Station

On July 2nd 2016 my son Karthik married the love of his life Noemi. My wife a perfectionist by nature and I visited Dallas, Houston and Austin to find a wedding planner who is not only a perfectionist but has experience in fusion marriages. We found Cheryl Fernandes in Austin, who we can now say with conviction, represents an epitome of an excellent wedding planner. The first thing you notice about Cheryl is her confidence--a personality trait that she transfers to her clients immediately. The source of her confidence is her incredible ability skills in organization, time-management, and multi-tasking. However, my wife and I are convinced that her commitment to excellence comes more from her spontaneous passion to do the very best. She is knowledgeable in all aspects, from the engagement party to the honeymoon, and everything between. She provided us a vendor list and instinctively helped match us with the vendors that best suit our needs. As a professional wedding planner she has done her homework well and understands the intricacies of an individual's faith, culture, other traditions. This awareness is exemplified in fusion weddings. Cheryl was even able to incorporate elements of the military--my son's experience--within the wedding.

Cheryl is friendly, easily accessible, communicates promptly, has excellent interpersonal skills, and seamlessly works under pressure. Her calm and assuring personality reassured the stressed out bride and groom as well as placated the emotional parents. Her demeanor and grace resembled a close family member. In short, I would not only recommend Cheryl and her team-- her wonderful husband Rohit and her delightful son Nathan--with no reservations. We would also call her the moment my other two boys are ready to tie the knot. Cheryl and her family entered our family as a wedding planner and have now become friends forever.

Rika & Jay - Wedding 11/28/2015 - Horseshoe Bay Resort

Cheryl was fantastic to work with! She always had wonderful suggestions and ideas throughout our Wedding Planning process. She was always very responsive with questions and great about communicating throughout our planning process. Cheryl went above and beyond on my wedding day which made everything seem so seamless and stress-free. Not only is she a genuine person she cares about the event being successful. Planners are tough to find, and we were very lucky to have found Cheryl. Thank you, Cheryl and to her wonderful daughters who helped her the day of. If it wasn't for you, our wedding wouldn't have been a fairytale! Love, Rika and Jay Zuniga

Veeral & Karl, 11/14/2015 - Lakeway Resort & Spa

Cheryl and her husband were great in creating a seamless wedding day for us! We had a fusion wedding that started early in the morning with our Hindu ceremony followed by a traditional Catholic ceremony offsite, and Glittzy events helped us stay ahead of schedule the entire day. Cheryl has an assertive and calming nature, and she gave us constant assurance that her goal was to keep us stress-free on our wedding day. Her passion for wedding planning shows in her attention and execution of detail. She helped us make connections and negotiate with vendors without any prompting. She was always eager and enthusiastic to close the gaps in our wedding planning that ultimately led to a perfect day. She is such a caring person that will go the extra mile for any bride. We are forever thankful for her help in making our wedding day great and allowing us to keep our focus on our family and friends!

Manasa & Krishan's Sangeet & Wedding - 8/28 & 29/2015

Our wedding was an absolute fairytale thanks to Cheryl's hard work and dedication to our big day. Cheryl helped plan and execute our big fat Indian wedding in Austin this past August. With both of us having full time jobs and our families both out of town, Cheryl's help was priceless. She was able to make the planning process between families seamless. She is an amazing wedding planner, and also is an amazing person. My husband and I have nothing but glowing things to say about Cheryl and her team. After meeting her it is hard not to notice Cheryl's genuine enthusiasm and love for what she does- it truly shows through in all of her work.

I also really liked how Cheryl is able to work within any budget. We definitely had a budget, and Cheryl never once tried to persuade us to spend more money but rather helped us work with what we wanted to spend. She is very mindful of costs and treats the planning and event as if it was her own. It really was an absolute gift to work with Cheryl and her team- I would definitely recommend her to anyone planning a wedding, she really is worth it! I am still having withdrawals from our wedding and the planning process but I know Cheryl will stay a lifelong friend. Thank you Glitzzy Events!!

Ruchi & Subhash's Wedding - 5/10/2014

We really loved and appreciated Cheryl's services. She came on board and immediately got us organized, and made it incredibly easy to communicate with our vendors and figure out a coordinated timeline with everyone and everything on it.  She also had great suggestions for people we go to for anything we hadn't already decided upon. She helped to make the wedding as 'us' as possible while still having a strong traditional Indian flavor. Without her, our wedding wouldn't have been such a success, nor such a wonderful experience for us and our family and friends. If you're looking for a wedding planner, you're looking at the right person! - Ruchi Srivastava

Anand & Amanda's wedding - 4/5/2014

A very special thanks to Glitzzy Events for an amazing job at Anand and Amanda's  wedding! We couldn't have done it wtihout you! Thank you Cheryl and Rohit! — Hena Venkatrao  @ Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa

Jonathan and Susanna's Wedding 2/1/14

Cheryl was the best. Event planning is something that comes naturally to her and she enjoys doing it J . We contacted Cheryl 3 months prior to our wedding and neither of us were in Austin. So Cheryl had to coordinate most of the planning with our vendors, church and reception hall. She would communicate with us frequently and would always reply to our messages in a prompt manner. She would bring up issues/things that we had not planned for or forseen. She was extremely well organized and meticulous
Since I’m from India and my wife is from the US, We had a mixed wedding with a traditional south Indian function ‘Roce’ the night before and a church ceremony followed by a reception the next day
Cheryl helped plan and run all the events (3 of them in the space of 24 hours). For our church ceremony, when the coordinator from the church could not show up for the rehearsal - Cheryl ran it by herself and did an amazing job for the rehearsal and for the wedding the next day
The whole process was well planned (with great attention to detail) from the welcome bags, to arranging transport for guests, to small things like ensuring the bride and groom had food to eat, had gifts brought back to the room - she took care of it all. The decoration for the Roce, and the wedding, the food at both events were fantabulous. In addition, she and her husband and her associates put in not a 100% but 150% effort into everything they did. The result was a dream wedding with the least amount of stress that my wife and myself had to go through.
Thank you so much for everything. Jonathan Mathias

Deloitte Diwali Party 2013

Great Planning and Smooth Execution….The best party ever! We worked with Cheryl aka Glitzzy Events for planning and executing our Diwali party for about 400 people flawlessly. Kids of all ages loved the party with a great magic show and other entertainment. The LED Light show was really creative and so was the DJ that made hundreds of feet tap, including the Photos that were captured. The Appetizers, Dosa station and dinner was absolutely fabulous and Cheryl was very accommodative about making changes to the menu to suit the taste of our audience. Overall, we had an amazing party and brought the house down and Cheryl made it happen for us. Thank You Glitzzy Events!

Savita Raghunathan, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Chirstmas Party 2012 - India Catholic Assoication of Central Texas

India Catholic Association’s Christmas Gala 2012 on December 8th, was an event to remember – a delightfully entertaining family celebration that transported 140 guests to a blue and silver Christmas wonderland.  Glitzzy Events’  aka Cheryl Fernandes and her team created an ambience that was exotic and elegant, complete with a life-sized peacock, and eye-catching “peacock” table decorations.

The enjoyable program had everyone in motion:  excellent décor, wonderful gifts from Santa for all ages (thank you Glitzzy for taking the time and effort to pick such thoughtful and useful gifts that met all age group needs), ICA logo Ornament for each family  which will be a great memento hanging on our Christmas trees,  with the, delicious food selections with added a personal touch by including Chai and Christmas Cake, unique novelty dance along with prizes that set the stage for an evening of good food, dancing and renewed friendship.  A truly memorable Gala, filled with Christmas cheer and jollity! Thank you Glitzzy for bringing it all together

Roshni & Bruce

Dear Cheryl,
There are no words that can adequately express our thanks for your tireless efforts in making our daughter Kriti's wedding to Rory, on Saturday, March 31st 2012, a stupendous success!

When we first engaged you we went with our gut insticts in your ability to help Kriti as her event coordinator. However, you more than surpassed our expectations.  From day one you proved your committment, dedication and passion for each task, no matter how small or big. You were always willing to take on more, to help Kriti and I as we tried to remote plan her 'out of town' wedding.  You kept us on track with your gentle reminders, thorough check lists, and keen sense of detail.

Pulling off a wedding without last minute confusion or disruptions is no small accomplishment..especially at a venue like Laguna Gloria, which beautiful as it is, requires immense coordination.  I can honestly say that we and our guests were able to enjoy a fabulous wedding day and week, that was perfect in all aspects, largely because of you.

Your zeal and enthusiasm was key to making Kriti & Rory's special day on Saturday, March 31st 2012 at the Laguna Gloria -Austin Museum of Art, a GRAND SUCCESS!

Roshni and Bruce

Brinda Roy

"Cheryl organized a friend's 40th birthday. She has a real talent and flair for organizing events like these.She took care of the smallest details (like what kind of flowers my friend likes so she could arrange these on the tables) to even the big-ticket items, like setting up fun party games for the adults, kid-friendly activities to keep the kids amused, the party favors, amazing cake and the list goes on and on. Her event planning skills are compounded by her warm, efficient, and professional manner. I recommend Cheryl for all your events. You won't be disappointed."

Aldila Lobo

"Cheryl and her team were simply awesome. They let me enjoy my son's birthday party, and mingle with the party without having to worry about entertaining the kids. Cheryl took care of everything! Once my son decided he wanted a space theme, she put together a proposal with options and prices. From preparing delicious kid friendly and healthy sandwiches and fruit sticks shaped like rockets to setting up a craft project to keep 20 energetic six year olds! The children especially loved playing space games in the 'space room' with the neon light and glow in the dark stars and the flying balloon rockets in our backyard. My son will not forget this fun birthday and I can say that I sure won't either"

Suchitra Dhar

"Cheryl is just fantastic!!!! There is just nothing else I can say!!! She does a phenomenal job with organizing any event! I have never met someone so honest, caring and helpful. She is constantly making sure everything is okay and she did a great job with her creativity and beauty. She has so much energy!! I would recommend her with the very highest regard! She is just truly amazing !!"

Bianca, Tania & Anyka Lobo

"Thank-you for making our Parent's 25th Silver Jubilee a complete success! You put your heart & soul to deliver the beautiful memories for all of us. A huge thank-you from the bottom of our hearts....."


"Glitzy Events made my 40th Surprise Birthday Party a very memorable occasion. The arrangements, decorations, and themes fit together perfectly. Everything was very unique and beautiful. Cheryl has great taste and her work reflected on the success of the party. I recommend Glitzy Events to anyone who wants their party to shine."

Jay. H. Cruz V.P. BRE: BBVA Compass Bank N.A.

"I have known Cheryl Fernandes since she first arrived in Austin Texas in 2000. I am proud to call her friend and client.  Cheryl is an excellent leader, organizer and social event expert.  Cheryl and I served on local committees and it is here that I got to see her talents as an event organizer and planner. Her parties, soiree and community gatherings are perfectly planned and beautifully executed. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Cheryl Fernandes as your next event planner.'